Ideally every apartment complex will have 100% occupancy, but this is rarely the case. Even while running at an excellent 95% occupancy, there will still be many apartments in a given complex that are not leased. Yet, the manager wants to lease these apartments. Openapartmentunit.com allows for managers to advertise and lease specific apartments.

By offering significant discounts on the rent, the apartment complex increases the chance of leasing a unit that would otherwise go vacant. You, the potential renter, benefit by being able to lease a quality apartment at a reduced rent.

Before an apartment is offered on this site, we visit the complex and walk the apartment.. This means that we can include a meaningful description of the complex and, most importantly, you know that you are not wasting your time when you go to look at the apartment yourself.

The end result is that you, the renter, have the chance to rent a quality apartment at a price
below what you could get if you were to just walk in to the leasing office yourself.

We look forward to saving you money!